How long will my dentures last?

On average, a denture (with proper care) will last 5-7 years. There are ways to maximize this timeframe and maintain the overall aesthetic appeal of your denture over this period. We recommend regular, daily at home care, including post meal brushing and using an overnight soak; and a yearly visit to your Denturist for adjustments and professional cleaning and polishing.

What does daily at home denture care include?

Brushing your dentures at least once a day, or after each meal, will refresh your dentures and keep odours at bay, leaving your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Only use a soft bristled brush to avoid scratching the denture, or a denture specific toothbrush.

Overnight soaks are also recommended to tackle tougher stains caused by many of the foods and drinks we consume.

Always rinse your denture before reinserting after brushing or soaking to remove any residual cleaner.

*Tip: Fill the sink with water, or place a cloth in the bottom of the sink before brushing or rinsing. This way, if the denture happens to slip, the water/cloth will help to absorb the impact and lessen the chance of incurring a break!

How often do I need to see my Denturist?

This will vary person to person. However, an annual check-up is recommended for everyone so the Denturist can assess the condition of your denture for proper fit and function, and to examine the health of your oral tissues.

Can I do my own denture repairs?

NO! Please do not add glue or other adhesives to your dentures if they break. These substances are TOXIC and should not be used in the mouth. Glues and other adhesives can also harm the denture, which makes it more difficult for us to professionally repair, and in some cases make it irreparable.

Denture repairs are completed in our on-site lab and are a same day, no appointment necessary service at Vout’s.

Where can I find professional cleaning products?

Vout’s offers professional cleaning products for sale in our office including:

  • Professional Soaking Solution and Brushing Cleaners
  • Denture Baths
  • Denture Brushes
  • Dental Gel (for sore spots)